A paradigm shift in customer loyalty

In the past, customer loyalty programs in the automotive industry often only captured the moment of the transaction at the point of sale as the moment of customer loyalty. The real bond that begins long before this moment has often gone unnoticed, despite massive investment in traditional forms of advertising. But everything could be different in 2023.

The new era of customer loyalty

An innovative referral program now offers the opportunity to generate true customer loyalty in a way that goes far beyond the traditional model. It recognizes that loyalty begins in the hard-to-measure areas, in the emotions and relationships between customers, fans and brand.

More than just a revenue stream

This program creates another revenue stream for car manufacturers, dealers and also customers and fans, making them less dependent on economic influences, a crucial resource in a constantly changing economic situation.

The community as a power plant

The real power lies in the community. Even fans who may not be able to afford their favorite car still become ambassadors for the brand. They recommend it to others and build up their own fan communities, which generate passive income in the long term. Thanks to the passive income component alongside their job, they may one day be able to turn their dream into reality.

A community in large format

The figures speak for themselves. In an example with 100 retailers in Germany, each inviting 3,000 existing customers to their regional or brand club, with 10% accepting the invitation, the structure is as follows:

  • Car brand: 1
  • Retailer: 100
  • Existing customers: 30,000
  • Friends of existing customers: 150,000
  • Level 4: 750,000
  • Level 5: 3,750,000
  • Level 6: 18,750,000

These figures show the incredible potential of the exponential growth structure.

One identity, one network

Having your own referral program that fits the brand and a network that connects every retailer, customer and fan opens the door to regional, national or even international strength and a real passive revenue stream.

The power of recommendation

In a world where trust in brands is waning, personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold. This new model harnesses the power of referrals by turning every customer, every fan, every friend into a sales partner.

The technology behind it

The technology behind it is as revolutionary as the concept itself. It enables the tracking of referrals, rewards and the management of relationships on a scale that was previously unimaginable. It's not just a program, it's a platform for real connections. The best thing for companies: no revenue, no cost. Only when a referral results in a sale do costs arise for the entrepreneur in the form of a sales bonus, which is shared within the community.

A look into the future

This visionary partnership points to a vibrant future for the automotive industry. It shows how technology and innovation could redefine the business, not just in theory, but in a structure that could become a reality.

Closing thoughts

2023 could be the year in which customer loyalty in the automotive industry is revolutionized. A year in which a brand is not just a product, but a community. A year in which a fan is not just an admirer, but a partner. A year in which the automotive industry doesn't just sell cars, but builds relationships. This innovative referral program could be the key, and the opportunity could be just a step away.

The car is no longer just a means of transportation, but a symbol of freedom, status and self-expression. With this referral program, car manufacturers and dealers could take these values to a new level and build a community of fans and customers who not only love products, but are part of a movement.

The road ahead is wide open, and the future of the automotive industry could be brighter than ever. With innovation, community and true connection, 2023 could be a year that goes down in history. The question is, who will be in the driving seat?


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