crossworx: How your soccer club community generates additional revenue through a multi-level referral system and offers your stakeholders added value

At the heart of a professional soccer club is more than just a passion for the game. It's also about creating and nurturing a community. This is where crossworx's multi-level referral community comes into play, creating a win-win situation for your club and everyone involved. Through the integration of crossworx...

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AI language models: Your key to global expansion and community monetization

AI-based language models: A game changer for global expansion and community monetization Introduction In a globalized world where the boundaries between countries and markets are becoming increasingly blurred, companies are looking for efficient ways to expand their reach and enter new markets. One of the biggest challenges is the language barrier. Here...

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The customer loyalty revolution in the automotive industry 2023: How a New Referral Program Connects Brands, Dealers and Fans

A paradigm shift in customer loyalty In the past, customer loyalty programs in the automotive industry often only captured the moment of the transaction at the point of sale as the moment of customer loyalty. The real bond that begins long before this moment has often gone unnoticed, despite massive investment in traditional forms of advertising. But by 2023...

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Success is not luck: Unleash your potential and discover endless possibilities in the world of referral networks

Success is not luck; it is your result of hard work, determination and a willingness to take risks. In the world of multi-level referral networks, numerous opportunities await you if you are brave enough to take them. Your journey begins "Where they fail, you must attack." Failure is not the end,...

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Influencers and followers who use the Crossworx referral program to reach new levels of monetization

Crossworx revolution: influencers and followers earn together

Times are changing and so are the ways in which companies can be successful. Influencers are becoming increasingly important in the digital world. Some companies have already recognized this and are reaping the benefits of working with these influencers. One example is the multi-level recommendation community Crossworx,...

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Responding to the start-up scene's financing concerns: sustainable investments, new business models and successful bootstrapping methods

The July 17, 2023 Business Insider Germany article discussed the concern that the start-up scene is running out of money. However, this is not inevitable, as there are sustainable investments and robust business models that are attractive to both company founders and investors. A perfect example of this is...

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